Covid-19 Sample Testing
Geographical distribution of samples received for Covid-19 testing
~40,000 samples tested for Covid-19 from March-Oct'20. Map indicates locations across the country from where samples were received (blue dots indicate district location). A large majority were from Telangana (district-wise distribution below)
Highest representation was from districts across Telangana
Distribution of samples received for testing from districts across Telangana state (size and color of circles represent the number of samples).
Gender-wise distribution by age group and test positivity
% positivity (red) is ~28% for both genders (right panel). Highest proportion of individuals belong to 20-40 yrs age group in both genders.
Distribution of Ct values in context of symptom status
RT-qPCR Ct values in positive cases do not correlate with symptomatic status of the patient. A large proportion of samples have no symptom status documented (ND) however, and may obscure the trend.
Distribution of severity over time
Higher proportion of asymptomatics are prevalent in any given month, compared to symptomatic individuals of either gender. However, there is poor documentation of symptom status from August (not documented, ND). Further analysis done with only Mar-Aug samples.
Symptoms status vs test positivity (samples till August’20)
  • Most of the individuals were asymptomatic (60.7%)
  • Positivity % ranged from 18-24% for asymptomatics, symptomatics and those with unknown symptoms status.
Distribution of hospitalized vs home quarantined cases in context of symptoms status
  • Most of the individuals tested were asymptomatic (60.7%) - of which 34% were females, 66% males (similar to the overall proportion).
  • Most people tested were not hospitalized and stayed home - 62% of them were asymptomatic, while 20% had symptoms and 18% were of unknown status.
  • Of the total hospitalizations, only 15% were symptomatic, while 28% had no symptoms and majority were of unknown symptom status (57%).